What is the state of things?

The world of marine claims has changed quite a bit over the past 25 years. Many of the long term underwriters have sold their books of business.  Direct writing and desk adjusting are becoming more prevalent. ...and everyone and their brother in the surveying business claims that they handle loss work.

Let's face it- not everyone inside a company is cut out for the oft times rough and tumble world of claims. Marine claims are becoming more and more contentious. There's increasing pressure to close files quickly. The cost of even the garden variety SSO is sky rocketing.  ...and on top of all this it's getting harder to find experienced people in the field to be the eyes and ears for the company.

The best field surveyors know enough to not discuss policy language or coverage. However, they certainly should understand the inner workings of the policy and the process so they can identify which elements of an unfolding claim may be crucial to the adjuster. I've spent years in the trenches as well as inside the claims department of one of the world's largest P&C carriers.  The surveyor must understand that it's a team effort for them to provide the facts and intelligence so that the adjuster can do their job. 


It's not just a "Found and Rec" list of damages

Don't you love it when you get a long list of damages and vague recommendations like "repair to good marine standard"? Ever find in the same report that there's little or no time spent investigating the cause of loss?  How about reports that have an aversion to giving a detailed damage assessment that determines the recommended cost of repair?

I feel your pain.  I've been in that same position when you are locked into a milquetoast report that has no substance, yet still manages to commit you to coverage along with an exorbitant repair estimate.    


What i can offer

I've got the technical expertise and experience to handle complex claims and sensitive situations.  My reports are detailed and do not waffle when it comes to the conclusion. I've physically done the type of work I'm inspecting, so I can come across as a professional rather than as a dilettante. 

Please review my services to see if my firm can help meet your needs.

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