My firm specializes in recreational marine accident investigation and expert witness testimony.  Having worked in the marine industry since 1979 and surveyed for thirty years, I offer the breadth of experience that allows me to untangle the increasingly more complex files that cross my desk.

The Mission

Doing this job well requires a lot more than simply knowing about boats.  Knowledge is worthless if you cannot convey your findings in a well-crafted report. An otherwise adequate piece of work can be ruined by a conclusion that equivocates.  I pride myself in providing technically accurate work that is clearly presented and free of jargon. 

We live in a visual world and it's more important than ever to present a report with strong visual impact. It's not enough to say it- you have to show it. Forensic quality photography is a cornerstone of any professional damage survey. 

Finally- maintaining an inflexible code of ethics is the only way to make it through this career and still be able to sleep at night. There's plenty of demand out there to "buy an opinion".  However, if you want to succeed in this business, you have to be willing to tell your client the truth- whether they want to hear it or not. 

Please have a look at the services I provide to see if my firm can help meet your needs.

To do good is noble.
To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.
— Mark Twain

Qualifications and Achievements

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